Mail Bucket

A Chris Smith project.

Mail Bucket is a simple tool that makes testing your mail implementation really easy.

How does it work?

Simply send an email to some address. Then perform a GET request to<address> to retrieve the email. There is no need to configure a mailbox beforehand.

My goal designing this API was to make it as simple as possible to retrieve an email and check its contents. This results in violations of principles such as "GET shouldn't modify", but I don't care.

Show me an example!

  1. Send an email to
  2. curl

Isn't this insecure?

If you use a simple address like, then anybody can read your emails and there is always the possibility of two developers picking the same email for their tests. Instead, you should make up a random address such as and use that. This address should be generated on-the-fly for each test, rather than hard coding it.

This doesn't currently support SSL delivery (so your emails could be read by men-in-the-middle). But in reality, you shouldn't be sending me security sensitive stuff anyways!